CAAD’s Showcase 2015 – Students


The team of “Espaço Memória do Cinema” through the project “Cineclube UFMG” of the Laboratory Midia@rte, from the “Department of Photography, Theatre and Cinema” of the “School of Fine Arts” of UFMG is pleased to invite you to watch the CAAD’S Showcase 2015 – Students. There, we will have a conversation with the exchange students and other students of the course, and also watch the projection of animated films done by students in practical subjects of the courses of “Animation Cinema and Digital Arts” and “Visual Arts” (with specialization in Animation).

Futhermore, this year our showcase will exhibit movies made by CAAD students in partnership with the UFMG’s course of Theatre, produced during the class of “Actor and Camera Play”, ministered by Professor Rafael Conde de Rezende. The showcase brings together films created with techniques such as traditional 2D animation, digital 2D animation, 3D animation, stop-motion, among others.

The short-movies bring different aesthetic and topics, ranging from visual poems to serious social criticism, that are translated into color, shape and movement. Have among the short-movies films that were created by students of the Qualification in Animation Cinema from the course of Visual Arts is a way to honor and maintain the very origin of the course of Animation Cinema and Digital Arts.

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2nd Show of Argentinian Movies in Belo Horizonte – RED SHOCK


From September 28 to September 30, 2015, in the auditorium of the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), will be held the “II Mostra de Filmes Argentinos em Belo Horizonte – SHOCK VERMELHO” (2nd Show of Argentinian Movies in Belo Horizonte – RED SHOCK), in partnership with the Argentine Consulate.

In it, we present the movies “The Prediction of the Seer” (La Plegaria del Vidente), “Pompeii” (Pompeya), “A Red Bear” (Un Oso Rojo) and “The Sign” (La Señal). The portuguese subtitles of each of these films were reworked and modified in its entirety by the monitors of the Lab Midia@rte in order to allow a better assessment of the sessions.

Also, we will have the presence of Diego Andrés Fleischer and José Maria Gómez, respectively Writer and Photography Director of Pompeya, at the opening day of the show, for a roundtable discussion with the audience after the film’s screening.

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CAAD’s Exibition 2015 – Teachers


The team of “Espaço Memória do Cinema” through the project “Cineclube UFMG” from the MIDIA@RTE’s Laboratory, from the “Department of Photography, Theatre and Cinema” of the UFMG’s “School of Fine Arts” is pleased to display the exibition CAAD – Teachers – 2015.

This year the exibition brings together productions made by some of the teachers of Animation and Digital Arts Film graduation along their careers. The various films were created with techniques such as 2D animation, 3D animation, live-action, among others.

View the productions of teachers is one way to encourage students from CAAD to create and publish their own projects, in addition to honor and keep the origins of the course. The short films represent some of the research areas and concerns of the faculty of the course. Examples of the various possibilities of use and exploitation of audiovisual resources, either for for teaching purposes, for artistic expression or as academic reflection.

The participants of this exibition were the teachers Antonio Fialho, Arttur Espindula, Evandro José Lemos da Cunha, Jalver Berthônico, and Luiz Nazario, which successfully reached the goal of increasing the students’ perspective on the production process of an animation, and consequently generate greater knowledge of the studied field in a practical way, in addition to classes taught in Cinema Animation and Digital Arts program at the UFMG’s School of Fine Arts.

Sessions are NOT recommended for anyone under 18 years old.

Date: 16 to March 19, 2015
Hour: 16h
Location: Auditorium Álvaro Apocalypse UFMG School of Fine Arts
Av Antonio Carlos, 6627. Pampulha. – Belo Horizonte / MG
Free entrance.

More information
(31) 3409 5280 (MIDIA@RTE’s Lab)

The catalog is below

Thank you…

2014 was a year with important victories for the MIDIA@RTE.

  1. Entry of scholarship students;
  2. Created and updated website (in portuguese also – click here to check);
  3. New equipments added to the laboratory;
  4. Place for video edition created with the help of the Collegiate of the School of Animation Cinema and Digital Arts;
  5. Catalog of movies and books with 90% accomplished;
  6. Catalog of equipments in progress;
  7. Research Quadro a Quadro Mineiro in progress;
  8. Espaço Memória do Cinema created together with the Rede de Museus of UFMG;
  9. Mostra CAAD (MIDIA@RTE’s event) integrated to the calendar of the School of Animation Cinema and Digital Arts. Click here to acess the catalog of the exhibition;

The efficiency and effort of everybody allowed us also the recognition of realized projects like the Honor Mention given to Pronoturno project created with the participation of teachers and scholarship students with the support of the Graduation’s Pró-rectory of UFMG that, among others subjects, seeks the participation of students in projects that are near to their study area; and the certificate of the Prize of Excelence in Phonoaudiology that was given from the Education Commission of the Brazilian Society of Phonoaudiology to the project “Tutorial de Voz Infantil” (“Childish Voice Tutorial”) that had for principal objective auxiliate the teaching of the children’s voice.

The aspects of the vocal development from the childhood to the adolescence are approached per images, texts, statements and videos in the partnership created between the Phonoaudiology Departament of the College of Medicine and the MIDIA@RTE of the Photography, Theater and Cinema Department of the School of Fine Arts, both from UFMG.

Here are our thanks to all our partners and friends of MIDIA@RTE. Even because without all of you nothing of this would be possible and wouldn’t be so special.

2015 will come with some new exhibitions that are already in organization phase and new projects. Watch out! Feel, by now, invited to visit us when we return, something that will happen on the first workday of February, 2015.

The Week of Knowledge 2014 brought a Honor Mention


The UFMG’s Week of Knowledge 2014 that we mentioned on this blog some days ago resulted in a honor mention to the Pronoturno Project wich the MIDIA@RTE Labarotory integrates with its monitors. The Honor Mention ocurred in the last October 17 on the Rectory’s auditory of UFMG. The Pronoturno is a project created with the participation of teachers and scholarship students with the support of the Graduation’s Pró-rectory of UFMG that, among others subjects, seeks the participation of students in projects that are near to their study area.

Be cited with a Honor Mention means that the Pronoturno was selected between the best projects submitted in the UFMG’s Week of Knowledge. The Project are, indeed, a junction of the work desenvolved by many teachers with activities in different areas, ranging from drawing to cinema, cinema & history, etc.

The information was passed to us by the Pronoturno’s coordinator, the teacher Luis Moraes Coelho, that is also coordinator of the School of Animation Cinema and Digital Arts (CAAD).

The MIDIA@RTE integrates the Pronoturno with a research project about the history of animation cinema in Minas Gerais; the Espaço Memória do Cinema, also linked to the Rede de Museus that brought to the Week of Knowledge 2014 a movie exhibition with movies produced by the students of CAAD.

Congratulations to all the students and teachers members of the project. Let’s carry on now with the improvement of the projects.

Project developed by MIDIA@RTE is awarded

Last year we were invited by teacher Letícia  Caldas Teixeira to integrate a reaserch project of the Phonoaudiology Department of Faculdade de Medicina from UFMG. The proposal was the creation of a “Childish Voice Tutorial” and teacher Letícia (the representative from the Phonoaudiology Department) was resposible with the content and teacher Arttur Espindula from the Photography, Theater and Cinema Departmant of Escola de Belas Artes from UFMG (MIDIA@RTE Coordenator) was responsible for all the visual presentation of this content. The project used funds from Programa de Inovação e Qualidade no Ensino de Graduação 2013 (PIQEG 2013) given by Pró-Reitoria de Graduação of UFMG.

Few people worked on the project, the still not mentioned are (in alphabetical order): Eduardo Leite (responsible for programming, under supervision of teachers Arttur and Letícia); Israel Dilean (undergraduate of Animation Cinema and Digital Arts of Escola de Belas Artes of UFMG, responsible for the ilustration of characters under supervision of teacher Arttur) and Taniele Novais (undergraduate of Phonoaudiology of Faculdade de Medicina of UFMG, under supervision of teacher Letícia).

Tutorial de voz infantil

This year, 2014, on the 22º Congresso Brasileiro de Fonoaudiologia, we received the certification of the Award of Excellence in Phonoaudiology given by Comissão de Ensino da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia. To all envolved, congratulations! The result is proof of the efficience of all.

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Week of Knowledge 2014


The Week of Knowledge is an event that show part of work and research developed in the year of 2014 that refer to the three main fields of university: Teaching, Research and Extension. Each one of them directly or indirectly presented throght minor events that composed the main event. They are:

The MIDI@RTE Laboratory will present their projects under development in the “XVIII Semana de Graduação” (XVIII Week of Undergraduation). Among them there is the “Espaço Memória do Cinema” (Cinema Memory Space)-in partnership with the “Rede de Museus” (Museums’ Network)- and the qaqmg, “quadro a quadro mineiro” (frame by frame from Minas Gerais)- Project of reaserch about the history of animation in Minas Gerais.

Blender Effects video editing space

The Blender Effects blog, linked to the MIDIA@RTE Laboratory, has now a space intended for video editing. This space comes from a partnership between the Animation Cinema and Digital Arts course collegiate and MIDIA@RTE.

Students and professors can schedule the use of the space, which has a computer specifically destined to video editing, with MIDIA@RTE’s monitors, during the laboratory’s opening hours (8AM to 12AM, and 2PM to 6PM).

CAAD Exibition 2014


The team from the “Espaço Memória do Cinema” (“Cinema Memory Space”), through the “Cineclube UFMG” project, from the Midia@rte Laboratory and the Department of Photography, Theater and Cinema of UFMG’s Fine Arts School, has the pleasure of inviting you to the CAAD Exibition 2014 (Mostra CAAD 2014).

The animation films exibited are from the students work done in some subjects from the courses of Animation Cinema and Digital Arts and VIsual Arts (with qualification in animation cinema).

Dates: August 25th and 26th, 2014 (Monday and Tuesday)
Time: 18:00
Place: Álvaro Apocalipse Auditorium, in UFMG’s Fine Arts School
Open to the public

The catalogue is avaliable below

One of Midia@rte’s spaces is now part of UFMG’s Museum Network

It is official now, the “Espaço Memória do Cinema” (“Cinema Memory Space”). from the Midia@rte Laboratory was accepted as a new member of the UFMG’s Museums Network. This means that all of our collection of movies and equipment that composed the Cineclube project is now a part of the Network’s collection.

The solicitation to become a part of the Museum Network came from Midia@rte’s coordinator, Prof. Arttur Espindula, and the Laboratory was visited by the Network’s coordinator, Profa. Dra. Rita de Cássia Gomes, in June 6th. This visit had the intention to verify, besides the collection, that the activities and functioning by the space were consistent with what is expected from new members of the Network. After the visit, Prof. Dra. Rita Gomes presented our solicitation to the other coordinators from different UFMG museum spaces that accepted Midia@rte’s solicitation.

Midia@rte Laboratory would like to thank all those involved for the dedication to make our involvement with the Museum Network happen and also for the acceptance. We will soon have new activities in association with the Museum Network and new changesin our organization intended to improove the Cinema Memory Space.

It is important to note that Midia@rte’s other activities are still hapening without any interference, and are also being expanded. Stay put, we will soon be back with more news.

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